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Corporate Program:

There are multiple benefits to being mindful of your physical health. In the corporate world there are not only physical benefits but financial perks as well. Businesses that implement fitness into their job descriptions receive discounts from their insurance and workers compensation. We have a wide range of programming options to suit your needs. We will help you bring your team together in a whole new direction. Schedule a time to sit down with one of our coaches to create a program that meets all your needs. We have packages that include not only fitness but nutritional counseling and motivational speaking.

90 Day Challenge:

Lets take 90 days out of our busy lives to focus on you. Come join the JATPC tribe for a 90 day challenge to change your life. We take a science based approach to shift your body composition. In this program we attack the goal from all directions, training and nutritional counseling are included in the package. We will not only teach you how to fuel yourself nutritionally to create lasting change, We will show you how take your training to a new level for a new and improved YOU. Start a new chapter, take the challenge.

Tough Mudder Prep Program:

This program is designed to keep your training fun and most importantly goal oriented. The mudder program can be utilized by any of our members and is included in your base membership. At JATPC we have multiple mudder dates that we prepare for yearly. Our experienced staff will program the training for each specific mudder based on the challenges presented . The best part of this program is that you are not alone, We will be competing as team JATPC with one of our coaches leading the charge!!!!

Semi Private Personal Training:

Our small group classes combine the attention of a personal training session with the excitement and variety of a larger group environment. We limit the size of our classes to guarantee you get the attention you deserve for a fraction of the cost of personal training. Our group classes are challenging, exciting, creative and fun.

Bodybuilding and Physique:

The Bodybuilding and Physique Team at JATPC is lead by IFBB Pro Jon Andersen. Using unique training methods and dietary expertise, the Bodybuilding program at JATPC will exceed all of your expectations in a safe and exciting environment. Whether you are trying to gain size for the beach or fine tune for the stage our proven methods guarantee results.

Olympic Weight training:

The Olympic Weightlifting program at JATPC combines high level coaching and a competitive environment to get the most from its athletes. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an Olympian, JATPC’s coaches and team will push you to your limits. Maybe you are a cross-fitter trying to improve your technique? Perhaps you are a football player who wants to take his power to the next level. Or a basketball player who wants to improve his vertical jump and athleticism. Maybe you are a pencil-neck geek who wants to unleash the inner athlete. Or maybe you want to represent your country at the Olympic Games. The road starts at Jon Andersen’s Training Performance Complex.

Powerbuilding training:

Powerlifting uses the three “power” movements, the Squat, Dead-lift and Bench press to develop raw strength. Whether you’re trying to increase your numbers, put on size for next season or look better on the beach JATPC’s powerlifting program will safely reach and surpass your goals. Weather you are a competitive powerlifter or a curious beginner we guarantee results.

Student Athlete Training:

At JATPC we believe in leading by example. We embrace hard work and a positive attitude as well as sportsmanship and camaraderie. Preparing a student athlete transcends power cleans or pushing a sled. We strive to create a well rounded athlete, prepared both physically and mentally for the challenges life has to offer. We provide a safe, exciting, positive environment for young athletes to maximize their athletic skills and sharpen their mental capacity. We are positive role models and teach our athletes not only dedication and responsibility but to be respectful and honest, even in the face of adversity. It is our goal and experience that our athletes carry the work ethic they develop with us into their daily life.

Personal Training:

Receiving one on one instruction from a qualified coach is the most effective way to make progress in the gym. Our team of elite coaches have the experience, knowledge and patience to help you acheive your goals. From the professional athlete to the soccer mom, we do it all and we do it best.

Nutrition Coaching:

The word “diet” stems from the Latin word “diaeta” meaning “way of life” or “lifestyle.” At JATPC we embrace that philosophy. As athletes our coaches know that more than anything an athlete’s performance reflects their diet. We see an athlete’s diet as a way of life. If you are trying to become an Olympian we structure a diet and lifestyle that matches those goals. If you are trying to get ripped for a contest your diet will reflect that.

Good nutrition helps in everything we do in life. Hard work and training is very important to a persons health however it needs to be backed up with a balanced diet. We understand how difficult it can be so we set up custom programs accordingly.

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Motivational Coaching:

The formula for motivation comes in many formats and is different for every individual. In extreme situations we actually have our trainers participate in the training sessions. Leading by example is a powerful tool in motivational coaching. Our trainers are experts at getting the most out of each individual during their training sessions.

Training Camps:

We offer camps for every type of athlete. Whether you are preparing for next season or competing in the CrossFit Games our camps will catapult you to the next level. JATPC camps are rigorous, intense and fun.

* Strongman camps focus on developing raw strength and conditioning using the strongman implements and training philosophies.
* Powerflifting camps help iron out your technique in the traditional “power” movements and offer an intense environment rarely found in training facilities.
* Olympic Weightlifting camps focus on developing technique in the snatch and clean and jerk as well as srength, flexibilty and speed.

These camps are designed for beginners and seasoned competitors alike.

We also offer camps for the student and competitive athletes. Athletes come to us individually or in small groups and we prepare them for the season ahead. This lowers the risk of in injury. Our athletes show up on the first day of practice confident and breathing fire. Most practices and games are easy after our camps.


Please contact us for scheduling information: (415) 827-1574

At JATPC our coaches utilize their passion, skill and insight acquired over decades of experience to bring the best version of yourself forward. Our mission is to connect with our community to improve the lives of those we encountered and cultivate an environment of growth and motivation for a thriving life. All members of JATPC have training programs and nutritional plans designed for their specific goal. If your objective is to improve your health and fitness , shift your body composition or excel in your sport, We develop a complete program for you. JATPC is a place that brings motivation and accountability together. This is a place to find the best version of you.