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Nutrition Coaching

The word “diet” stems from the Latin word “diaeta” meaning “way of life” or “lifestyle.” At JATPC we embrace that philosophy. As athletes our coaches know that more than anything an athlete’s performance reflects their diet. We see an athlete’s diet as a way of life. If you are trying to become an Olympian we structure a diet and lifestyle that matches those goals. If you are trying to get ripped for a contest your diet will reflect that.
Good nutrition helps in everything we do in life. Hard work and training is very important to a persons health however it needs to be backed up with a balanced diet. We understand how difficult it can be so we set up custom programs accordingly.

Motivational Coaching

The formula for motivation comes in many formats and is different for every individual. In extreme situations we actually have our trainers participate in the training sessions. Leading by example is a powerful tool in motivational coaching. Our trainers are experts at getting the most out of each individual during their training sessions.

Once you become a member of Jon Andersen's training performance we start by defining your goal. What is it you want to achieve with your health and fitness? Once we have determined your goal we create a exercise program and diet designed to get you to your goal efficiently. We teach you everything from the ground up. We will break down and analyze technics for each individual to make exercising safe and more effective. You will always have a highly qualified coach overseeing and pushing through your training session. It is our job to make sure you get your work done which in turn will allow you to reach your goals. You will have the health and fitness you have always wanted. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WALK IN THE DOOR!! EVERY MEMBER WILL HAVE A NUTRITION PROGRAM CUSTOM-MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR THEM AS PART OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP!