Ever dream of being a part of something big? Here is your chance. Our team at JATPC is training Robert Burton needs your help to send him to the Canadian Football League tryouts.

Robert is a 23 year old athlete from Marin City who is pursing his dream of playing professional football. Robert attended Tamalpais High school who graduated in 2010 and spent two years at City College of San Francisco where he earned a full ride scholarship to play at Northwest Missouri State University. Playing football is Robert’s passion and although playing at a professional level is a dream of his, we truly believe that attaining his goal would positively impact his whole community. Marin City is a family oriented, tight-knit community where everyone truly cares and supports one another. Robert intends to show kids in his community that if they work hard and put their mind to something they can achieve it, and give adults in the community something to be proud of.

Please donate to help us send Robert to the Canadian Football League tryouts. Donations will be used to help pay travel and lodging expenses for Robert. Thank you for your support!

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