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Teri Smethers is the beauty AND brains at JATPC. She brings a calm intensity to every session. Always pushing herself, Teri remains competitive in body building and Olympic weightlifting. She has almost 3 decades of experience in the fitness industry including winning pro body building cards on two occasions. Teri is a certified nutritional councilor and specializes in customizing a diet that matches your lifestyle and goals. Whether personal training or teaching our small group classes, Teri’s demeanor and expertise is immeasurable.


“Big Jon” Andersen, our fearless leader.
Jon Andersen is currently in his third professional athletic career. Today he is an internationally recognized IFBB professional body builder, hitting the stage regularly to display his awesome physique. His life before that was in professional wrestling. He displayed his amazing athleticism in the ring all over the world. Or you may recognize him from the tv show “Worlds Strongest Man”. Ranked as one of the top ten strongest men in the world, you could catch him pulling busses across your screen. He has been in the strength game for over a quarter of a century. Jon is known for his unconventional training philosophies and superior nutritional knowledge. He puts the two together to create a foolproof program. A workout with Jon could consist of flipping tires and running stairs or Deep Water cleans and no rest squats. Whatever the workout, Jon is sure to get the most out of his athletes, partially because of his knowledge of training, partially because he truly wants to help people but mostly because Jon will be right beside you through the entire journey. Jon encompasses our philosophy at JATPC and is truly our pillar. Anybody who trains with Jon is sure to reach beyond their wildest athletic dreams.


We are constantly growing and developing at JATPC. Our program depends on new ideas and fresh perspective. Juan is just that. With a background in weightlifting and physique competition, Juan brings courage, enthusiasm and dedication. His patience and open mind makes him a favorite with our youth athletes. Juan personifies what we aspire to at JATPC: hard work, dedication and an open mind.

At JATPC our coaches utilize their passion, skill and insight acquired over decades of experience to bring the best version of yourself forward. Our mission is to connect with our community to improve the lives of those we encountered and cultivate an environment of growth and motivation for a thriving life. All members of JATPC have training programs and nutritional plans designed for their specific goal. If your objective is to improve your health and fitness , shift your body composition or excel in your sport, We develop a complete program for you. JATPC is a place that brings motivation and accountability together. This is a place to find the best version of you.